Oracle Card

Tarot Card Reading Defined

Intuitive readings are sessions you have with a professional reader. Typically, readers are also healers that come from all walks of life. Healers can be Life Coaches, Psychics, Shamans, or Teachers. Healers are people that have a greater understanding of the energy around us and its powerful effect in our lives. They are also empathic, meaning they are able to understand and share others feelings on a much deeper level. The gift of healing is one that is studied on different levels and no healer will be the same. They will come from different backgrounds, education, and experiences that have led them to this incredible art, the gift of healing, the power of reading.


Some of the topics that are covered in our course are Clickins and Hookins (do's and Don't), the Ethics of Intuitive Reading, the Primary rules of Intuitive Reading. We provide one-month training on how to start your oracle card practice (15 min each day). We also provide you with a sample of questions and how to approach and ask?