Reiki Grand Master Energy

A Channeler, USUI Holy Fire® Reiki Grand Master Energy Healer, and a Crystal Therapist.

“Uniquely helping people in unlocking their soul to recognize their true inner self “

A certified teacher and a Master Reiki Level 1-2 (Self-Healing with Distance Healing), USUI Holy fire III® Reiki 3-4 Master Level, Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher. She also holds certifications in Sound Healing, Intuitive Intensive Light Worker (people who work with intuition). If you have a desire to learn Body scanning, Intuitive reading, Oracle card reading, Crystal therapy, and aligning the Chakras, you can get in touch with us.



I used to imagine that Reiki was only for the diseased. Then as a pupil under Poonam Hukku, I discovered a healer in myself, and now I feel like I am able to uplift people from their miseries.
- Alka Sharma (Bangalore)
There is something miraculous about Reiki. I thought I was a non-believer, until I saw how Reiki helped bring more balance into my life.
- Aninda Dey (Delhi)
A wonderful healer with a gracious, understanding and patient persona that instils confidence in you and puts you at ease.
- Heilda (Belgium)
Poonam has a charisma that is unmatched by any other Reiki Master, I have visited so far. The day I met her, I realised that she was a chosen one and she would be my guru. In just a few months, I have picked up so many Reiki techniques from her that I am able to practice on myself and my family.
- Aradhna Sharma(Jaipur)